Dr Hahnz is that special kind of product. The one that is pure and simple and honest. The one that stands out from the rest because what it offers is exactly what you should expect, but what so few give. A premium quality product that offers affordability, value for money but above all else, a protein focused, balanced and nutritional pet food, designed to keep your dog healthy, happy and bouncy.

With a unique recipe perfected over time Dr Hahnz offers a precise blend of animal proteins, vitamins, minerals & antioxidants, and essential fats, all selected by holistic vets and nutritionists and prepared in a gentle cooking process to ensure optimal nutritional value without compromising on taste.

Why Dr Hahnz

We all love our pets unconditionally and with this comes an immense responsibility to choose the best food for them as they cant. However, many brands try to entice you by showing cute dogs and emotionally luring you to buy their food without showing you how nutritionally adequate their food really is and why. That’s why, it is time to get serious about their nutrition…

Below you will find some of the reasons of why Dr Hahnz stands out differently on the shelves of your supermarket:

Premium “VET” quality product at affordable prices – Commonly there is a belief that supermarkets only sell “commercial grade” pet food full of colouring and lacking adequate nutrition. You have probably seen some of the brands sold exclusively at the veterinarian practices and surely wished if they could be far more affordable. We as Dr Hahnz felt the same and took years to research and develop something that was unique. After cutting out several middlemen, negotiating directly with premium raw material suppliers in Europe, South America and our own country, we hit the right fusion of ingredients to develop a premium product which could be made with affordability in mind. Unlike the veterinarian channels, our national distribution model is much more economical as we supply in bulk to
the retail channels distribution centers. Result? Huge savings, better affordability – while still keeping uncompromised quality of food for your loving pet.

Convenience – Imagine waking over a lazy weekend only to realize you have to drive all the way to your vet just to get food for your pet? Even worse, their practice is closed and now you must wait until a weekday and then try going in rush hour traffic to get this food? We have made it available at your nearest grocery store, so you can tick it along on your grocery list at the supermarket. Or get it delivered to your door just by clicking a few buttons…

A cut above the rest – Our production facility carries one of the highest food safety standards in our industry and gets complimented by several auditors for the hygiene of the place and people. We take immense pride in what we make and this only comes with highest quality machinery, intense training, regular internal audits and focusing only on 1 thing – quality! While many other brands are reducing their bag weights and nutritional requirements, Dr Hahnz spends a lot of time and effort in identifying and partnering with suppliers that carry the same vision that will ultimately bring value for money for a premium range. All our products get tested in our internal lab consistently with state-of- the-art equipment to give you confidence that you are giving nothing but the best to your pet.

A premium quality product made affordable, conveniently found which stands out from the crowd. Dr Hahnz – Serious pet nutrition.