South African legendary Cricketer Mark Boucher and his dog Wicket

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Our Mission

To produce pet food that is packed full of the finest ingredients and prepared with care – with the result that you’ll love feeding it to your cat or dog almost as much as they’ll love eating it.

Our Values

They say it’s a dog’s life, and we believe it (though the cats may disagree) What could be better than chasing tails, lazing in the sun, going for a walk or hanging you head out of the car window? The answer is not much. Point is, our pets give us all of themselves, and by doing any one of the many wonderful things that make them quintessentially dogs or cats they make our day. The least we can do then, is treat them with the love and respect they deserve and that’s why, as far as we’re concerned, only the best is good enough.

Our foods for dogs and cats are formulated for the optimal balance of nutrients and best taste. We know the best nutrition for your pet not only meets nutritional needs, but also avoids excess nutrients, such as excessive fat, carbohydrates and salt, that can be harmful over time. The focus has always been to provide animal protein rich diets with a perfect balance of essential fats and other vital nutrients for overall growth and healthy maintenance. Your pet’s well-being is our reward.

Our Quality Control Service has defined a series of procedures that allow us to guarantee our feline and canine consumers premium quality foods, because they have undergone controls as rigorous as those that foods for human consumption undergo.

Maximum reduction of risks Just as for human foods, quality analysis is used to reduce the possibility of unforeseen problems arising. For us, a well defined series of ingredients and a specific manufacturing process correspond to each manufacturing site; hence, each manufacturing site is subject to specific quality control procedures. These govern the inspection of ingredients, the intermediate products (undergoing processing) and the end product and include a series of microbiological, chemical and physical controls.

A 360° traceability system Exactly as in the field of human foods, a lot number identifies each group of products with similar characteristics (for example, the result of the same processing step that has used specific ingredients originating from a precise source). In this way, we are not only able to trace our products at any time, whether they are displayed on a retail outlet’s shelves or awaiting dispatch in our warehouse facilities, but we are also able to trace the ingredients that have been used.

Dr Hahnz does not test on animals
Dr Hahnz products are completely cruelty-free; animal well-being is our prerogative therefore we do not test anything on animals. Before being launched, our recepies are simply submitted/presented to all those families who volunteered, in order to have their cats and dogs “tasting” new products for us. Four legged friends are offered our new recepies by their own masters, in the comfort of their own homes, evaluating palability with nostraining, in order to always guarantee our products are tasty and appetizing.

The first wet pet food in South African supermarkets with a pull-ring can. Traditional cans are inconvenient, messy and may hurt your loving pet if fed from it directly due to blunt edges. With research and hard work, tradition has finally met innovation to give you the convenience and safety. It does not stop here though.

The Dr Hahnz Research and Development team works with several national and international research institutes, veterinarians and animal nutritionists to create not only new products but also to improve existing ones that will help your pet live a long, healthy and full life.

We believe quality care for pets includes optimal nutrition, veterinary healthcare, daily exercise and an enriching environment with lots of love. All pets on a Dr Hahnz diet live in such an environment. We only use compassionate, non-invasive methods necessary to develop nutritional technology so dogs and cats live long, healthy lives. We don’t only meet AAFCO (Association of American Feed Control Officials) guidelines of pet nutrition, we exceed them easily with the superior quality of ingredients used. All our products are also duly registered under ACT 36 of 1947 of South African Department of Agriculture and we welcome various top retailers’ frequent food safety audits and excel in them.

We won’t try to convince you we love pets more than other companies do. But we will show you why we believe that the quality of our pet nutrition matches your pet passion. After all, that love most certainly extends to your dog’s and cat’s health. And we develop the fuel that brings out the best in your loving friend.

The reliability and safety of Dr Hahnz products is vitally important. We have worked hard to make sure that quality is consistent, too—so the Dr Hahnz pet food you feed your pet today will be the exact same quality you put in his bowl 10 years from now. Our pet food quality assurance practices also go further to make sure all of our nutrition is healthy and safe for your pet. Independent inspections ensure that we maintain the highest-level procedures by using tests that are consistent with human food evaluations. So you can rest assured that every bite of Dr Hahnz nutrition will fuel the awesome in your pet for a lifetime.