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Premium Deli Bone Biscuits



Your dog will love our delicious lamb and oatmeal flavoured Deli Bone Biscuits. Great as treats and for strong bones and teeth. Suitable for medium to large adult dogs.

Either as a reward for a game, a training session or simply to spoil them out of love – Dr Hahnz Deli Bone biscuits are oven-baked with lamb and oatmeal flavour, so that they are delicious, crunchy and packed with the goodness of Vitamins E and A for the strong immune system of your fussy canine. Made with premium ingredients only and packed in unique sliding zipper bags for your convenience and hygiene. Suitable for medium to large dogs only.


This product is duly registered under

Act 36 of 1947 Reg No. V25940 Act36 / 1947


For stronger bones and teeth

For a strong immune system

With Vitamins E and A


Name Quantity
Crude Protein 160g/kg
Moisture 100g/kg
Crude Fat 55g/kg
Crude Fibre 20g/kg
Crude Ash 50g/kg
Calcium 15g/kg
Phosphorous 8g/kg
Omega 6:3 5-10:1
Vitamin A 12000 IU/kg
Vitamin C 30mg/kg
Vitamin E 40 IU/kg

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