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Pet Nutrition

Nutrient-dense dog and cat food
made with premium ingredients for your fussy pet


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Best Sellers

Our story

As avid animal enthusiasts and devoted pet parents, we understand the importance of providing our furbabies with all their nutritional needs. They are family after all.

Often, veterinarians advise against feeding food from supermarkets, saying it lacks valuable pet nutrition. Instead, veterinarians recommend pet parents source food from their practice or premium stores.

Dr Hahnz is here to change that. We’ve brought our luxurious, nutrient-dense pet food to supermarkets, making premium pet nutrition available for pet owners everywhere.

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With our genuine love for every pet, it was always our intention to ensure pets everywhere could enjoy our luxurious pet nutrition. By producing our food locally, keeping our profit margins low, and distributing to supermarkets in bulk, we’re able to keep our proudly South African range accessible to all pet owners.

Minerals assist in strong bones and teeth

Omega 3 and 6 for enhanced skin and coat

Minerals help maintain tissue fluid balance

Minerals maintain clear vision and skin renewal

Vitamins regulate the release of energy

Vitamin E promotes healthy immune function