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Antibacterial Cat Litter

Crystals for All Age Felines



You love your furry friends, but let’s face it, when it comes to litterbox odour, there is nothing to love. Dr Hahnz special crystals hygiene litter is one of the most innovative litters offering improved urine odour control. Each grain of Dr Hahnz litter has countless micro-pores that absorb the liquid and the odour (from both liquids and solids) for an extended period of time. This litter is engineered to promote your cat’s natural dig and cover activity for even better overall odour control. Finally with Dr Hahnz cat litter – no more mess and no more fuss!


  • Hassle-Free
  • Less Tracks
  • Dust-Free
  • Ultra Hygenic
  • Superior Odour Control
  • Locks Away Moisture
  • Lasts Up To 1 Month
  • Highly absorbant crystals · prevent bacterial growth


  1. Place a layer of Dr Hahnz special crystals 4cm to 5cm deep in a clean, dry cat litter tray.
  2. Once dehydrated scoop out and discard solid waste twice a day. Multi-cat homes may need to change the litter more often.
  3. For best results, regularly stir the remaining litter with a scoop so the crystals are properly aerated and evenly distributed. For optimum sanitation, clean the cat box regularly with warm water and a mild detergent.

Note: The crystals may hiss and pop when activated by moisture. This is very normal and completely harmless to you and your cat.


As with any cat litter, it is important to introduce Dr Hahnz crystals hygiene litter gradually. We recommend mixing your current litter with Dr Hahnz hygiene litter to encourage cat’s trial. A 50% new on bottom / 50% old on top mix works best for the first month gradually stirring the litters to mix and let the cat get used to the texture and sounds of the new litter. Gradually add less of your previous litter and more of Dr Hahnz until your cat has settled into the new litter.


Do’s and don’ts

Please seal the soiled litter properly in a plastic bag and dispose of with normal household refuse · Please sweep away any crystals that escape the cat litter tray to avoid slipping · Note for pregnant/nursing women and those with suppressed immune systems that a parasite sometimes found in cat faeces can cause Toxoplasmosis. Always wash your hands thoroughly after handling used cat litter. Please consult with your doctor for any further information · Some kittens and cats may tend to eat some crystals out of curiosity, please try to avoid this and take to your vet immediately if any of fresh water and consult consumed · Please do not flush litter down the toilet, septic tank system, gutters or storm drains · If ingested, drink plenty with your doctor · Please use cat litter tray liners and scoop for additional hygiene protection · Faeces can carry bacteria so please do not dig into the garden · As a normal hygiene practice, please handle a cat litter with rubber gloves and wash hands immediately after clearing/disposing of soiled cat litter · Please store Dr Hahnz crystals hygiene litter in a cool and dry place only · Please place your cat litter tray in a moisture-free area (away from drinking bowls) and keep away from eating areas · Dispose of this package responsibly and recycle where possible.

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